Friday, 21 November 2014


We had an excursion to discover how is the environment of this place. We discovered the fountain of Martinez, where live an bioindicator, triton.

Then we went up to the mountain and we see some Oaks, some chestnuts and lichens (that is also a bioindicator that identifies a pure air).

After having lunch we did a game which was about finding different places with the GPS. Before having lunch we did an Aloe vera cream. Then, at night, we went to the forest and we stayed there a few minutes to hear all the sounds of the natural night


In the morning, we did an evaluation of the trip and the activities and after that we finished the blog and we started the work of a natural park of Zamora.


We went to the Natural park of Sanabria in the morning. We started visiting an information center and then we did a route around the lake. We had lunch and in the afternoon we visited Ribadelago and then to Puebla de Sanabria and we had some free time. After that we arrived at the center and we voted which of our presentations will be the one that will be presented to our partners of Badajoz. We had dinner, and then we did the cultural exchange; our partners of Sant Quirze presented a prezi of Sant Llorenç del Munt, a natural park of Sant Quirze sorrounding area; and then our Badajoz parteners presents an original video/documentary of their region. When we finished, we did some activities like sing songs and dance, and finally a conclusion of our experience in this fabolous trip.


We went to the natural park of Arribes de Duero and we were walking all the morning  through this natural park but during our trip it was raining all the day.

We travelled by bus for one and a half hour and when we arrived, before we started to walk, the teachers explained us all the fauna, mainly, scavenger birds like vultures, and other animals that can only live there because of the special mediterranian climate.

After that we went to a pottery shop where we learnt how to work with mud to do some ceramic pieces.
At night we did an astrolabe to calculate our position using the stars.


We left Barcelona at 12 o'clock and we arrived Valladolid an hour later. Then we took the bus from Valladolid to Medina de rioseco where we had lunch. A half-hour later we took the bus again and arrived to Villardeciervos at 3 o'clock. At the school center, the monitors told us the rules and the activities that we're going to do all the week. Then, we visited the town of Villardeciervos where we did an orientation game with map to find some important things of the village like candonga.